Top 5 Tourism sites in Berlin

Top 5 Tourism sites in Berlin

Being Germany’s capital, Berlin is strategically located to attract tourists. Berlin has a distinct history as compared to other cities on earth. It has been enslaved by fascism, ravaged by war, bisected during cold war and re-united after the fall of the Berlin wall. It has risen from the ashes and made major strides

Berlin has beautiful forests, historical sites and rivers. It has numerous tourist sites; you can be certain of having a good time any time you visit Berlin. Here are the top five tourism sites in Berlin, Germany

  1. The walls of Berlin

It’s the most famous attraction site in Germany because of its history. It’s located between the districts of Mitte and Wedding. It’s a memorial to the victims who died when the walls of Berlin fell. The watchtower and the remaining section of this wall enables the visitors to access the border facilities and get the real feeling.

  1. Reichstag

The Reichstag building was awakened from slumber the moment a decision was made to move Germany’s federal government to Berlin. This building has been modernized. It’s from the glass dome located at the building where visitors are able to get an aerial view of the bustle and hustle in the city. There are also several government buildings in Reichstag e.g. the Bundeskanzleramt (the federal chancellery)

  1. The Brandenburg gate

There is no doubt that one of Berlin’s signature attraction sites is the Brandenburg gate. It was built in 1971. It is one of the oldest city gates in Berlin. The historic Hotel Aldon located next to this gate is always flooding with tourists

  1. The Berlin Television Tower

The Berlin Television Tower commonly known as the Fernsehturm by the locals is easily recognizable from a distance. Standing at 368m above the ground, this skyscraper is Berlin’s tallest building. It was built in the 1960’s and tourists have been visiting here to get a unique 360 degrees bird’s view of the city

  1. The Berlin Cathedral

This German cathedral has a magnificent dome that was remarkably built from the 19th century architecture. The historical museum of Germany is also located next to this cathedral. This makes this building even more attractive to tourists.

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What to Do In Hunter Valley, NSW Australia

What to Do In Hunter Valley, NSW Australia

Visiting Hunter Valley, NSW Australia is one of the best ways to spend your Hunter Valleyholiday. This region which lies in the heart of Australia is known for several attractions and appeals to drones of visitors both local as well as foreign. The following are some of the top things that make Hunter worthy of a visit:

Amazing Wine Tasting Experience

If you have a soft spot for wine or simply love sampling it then you should be heading to Hunter Valley. It prides itself on having some of the richest vineyards and wineries in the country. In addition to enjoying the beautiful and well-manicured vineyards you will also enjoy great-tasting and locally brewed wine.

Great Gourmet Paradise

One of the must-do activities in Hunters Valley is sampling their food and drinks. Known to be a gourmet paradise, Hunter Valley offers a wide variety of local as well as exotic cuisine that will leave you yearning for more. You may opt to have a well-prepared meal at the local eatery or nourish your taste buds at a five-star establishment.

View Hunter Valley, NSW Australia from the Sky

Touring Hunter on land isn’t enough. Many tour companies offer air and balloon flights that provide you with captivating and panoramic view. The flights which usually take place at sunrise can be accompanied with fine breakfast that is served with a bottle of champagne.

Take a Historical Tour

Learn about the history and culture of the region by visiting some of the best-kept historical gems in Australia. Hunter Valley has deep history especially when it comes to the colonial period. Top attractions include Tomago , a National Trust Home, riding a steam train at Richmond Vale, or touring monumental buildings that were build during the Georgian and Victorian era.

Other attractions in the region include hiking the mountains, going for camping, mountain biking, visiting the national parks and much more. A visit to Hunter Valley, NSW Australia is without-a-doubt one of the best ways to experience the best of Australia.


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The serene atmosphere of Cairns, Queensland Australia

Enjoy and relax in the serene atmosphere of Cairns, Queensland Australia

Being one of the major cities of Queensland, Cairns is one of the hotspot for tourists from all over the world and surely from the country itself. This stylish city and its tropical paradise of the north of the country is famous for its relaxed and serene atmosphere where you can unwind and completely rejuvenate to get a fresh start in your daily life. The city was originally named after William Wellington cairns. SO if you are planning to head towards a destination to get refreshed then Cairns is the place for you. The laid back ambiance of the city will surely make you feel relaxed.

How to reach?

Cairns is the 14th largest cities of Australia. Being one of the major cities it has great connectivity with the rest of the world. You can get direct flights from Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and west coast of USA. You can get various connecting flights from Europe as well. SO traveling to Cairns is not a problem at all provided you book your tickets a little ahead of your time. Daily flights ply from New Zealand and Singapore. Hotels are available in plenty and some of the biggest names in the Hotel business have their properties in this city. If you are looking for budget hotels, there are many to choose from. But the trick lies in booking at the earliest to get the best rooms at the best price, especially during the peak seasons.

Places to visit?

Once you are in the city you cannot afford to miss the Great Barrier Reef and well as the Daintree Rainforest. Take a tour down to the Lizard Island and Mission Beach for an amazing relaxing holiday. You must also visit the World Heritage sites. There are plenty of places to be seen once you are in Cairns. SO make sure that you have a long vacation that you will remember forever.

Where to Stay?

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Wollongong Seaside City in Australia

 Wollongong CoastlineLooking for the perfect beach destination? You should definitely consider Wollongong. This seaside city located in the New South Wales (NSW) Australia has all the great features to ensure you have the time of your life. If your stuck on ideas for booking accommodation in Wollongong then check out Hotels in Wollongong where you will find cheap hotel deals in Wollongong.

Wollongong is known for great swimming and surfing beaches. The most popular beaches are North Wollongong City Beach and Wollongong City Beach both known for their great waves for suffers, cycle paths, great barbecue spots, great shady trees and wading pools. The beaches in Wollongong have a lot of accommodation you are sure to find one that suits your taste. For the lovers of surfing there are a lot of surfing shops in the coast line and if you want to try your hand at surfing for the first time worry not as there are many accredited surf schools along the beaches. When at the beach remember to stay between the red and yellow lines as they have been identified as the safest places to swim. Avoid swimming alone try to be at least three. Wollongong means the sound of the sea’ and it surely lives up to its name. 

Other than the beach you can also visit The Australian Motor Life Museum. This museum gives an insight into the history of motoring by showcasing the historic vehicles. If you are a lover of motor cars this is a must go. You can also go on kangaroo Valley Safaris where you will enjoy, the pristine waters and spectacular views of rain forest and wildlife.

Wollongong is known for its tremendous arts and culture. It has a lot of theater houses that constantly stage performances that you are sure to enjoy. It is also a home to many theater groups. Wollongong also has a Conservatorium of music and jazz clubs. Wollongong is a great destination for family vacations as there are many activities to do as a family a great way to bond.


Experience Fun Activities at Byron Bay in NSW Australia

Byron Bay, NSW Australia

Are you looking for a gateway this summer? Well, summer is the time to head towards the beaches, laze around under the sun and experience all sorts of water games and adventures. So if you are game for it, then plan to visit Byron Bay in NSW Australia. Located in the far north east corner of New South Wales, this beach side town is 165 kilometers away from Brisbane. Being a very sparsely populated town, it provides an ideal gateway for those tourists who are looking for a clam and serene place to spend their holiday.  For hotel bookings try Hotels in Byron Bay.

Places to visit

One of the most interesting features of this place is its lighthouses. Byron Bay is lined with beautiful lighthouses. The wide open sea is the home for the bottle nose dolphins and other marine lives like sea turtles, whales and rays. So if you are an adventurer and wish to take a dip down in the marine world, this is place where you can go deep diving and snorkeling. So get you beach wear and wrap yourself in beautiful sarongs while you are in this small piece of paradise on earth. Lay around the beach as long as you want to and take a dip whenever you feel like. Apart from that take a look around this aboriginal town where you can find the Cape Byron Headland Reserve, the European history and the Aboriginal culture and heritage.

Experience fun activities…

Bryon Bay is popular for its wildlife and especially marine life. So you must not miss whale watching while you are here. You can also try some surfing if you have experience. Scuba diving and snorkeling are some of the most common sports that everyone does and it is amazing to see the marine life underwater. The deep diving is done at the Julian Rocks. So once you are there you can get all the information from the tourist centres or you can ask at the hotel desk as well. It would a scintillating trip with you completely rejuvenated to face the world again.  For more information on travel guides on Byron Bay the following websites provide plenty of information:


Why Visit Newcastle, NSW Australia

Newcastle, NSWTravelling to many places is one of the famous hobbies in the world. Travelling is a perfect source of ultimate pleasure when on a vacation or any other leisure time. Travelling enables one to learn and participate in many activities that brings joy. Newcastle and New South Wales Australia are part of the excellent places to visit.

There are a good number of reasons why one should visit the two places. Some of these reasons involves;

To participate in sporting events

There are so many sporting activities in the two places. Everyone tourist has the independence to choose the sporting event that satisfies personal interests fully. Sports not only give ultimate pleasure to the participants and spectators but it also play a key role as far as body health and fitness is concern. Sports also develops a competition spirit hence enjoyment .

To look at the amazing concert exhibitions

There are excellent artists who have excellent concert exhibition skills. The concerts are really entertaining and any one who gets an opportunity to look at them must lough unless one has personal disorder. The exhibition will always uplift your spirits and you well develop a good attitude towards the places.

Excellent accommodation facilities

It is not necessary to get frustrated on where to stay any time you visit the places. So many accommodation facilities have been put in the places. The facilities are many enough to accommodate a good number of tourists and other visitors at a time. The restaurants in the places are reliable, you will always find quality food and drinks. The attendants at the restaurants are very friendly and they will always guide you appropriately. For reliable accommodation try Hotels in Newcastle or

Top security

Security of a place is very important as far as tourism is concern. The government in collaboration with the tourism management of the places have ensured that all the tourists as well as the residents are protected. Top security personnel have been put on the ground to monitor the security in the places.

For you to get ultimate pleasure when on a vacation, make sure you create time to visit Newcastle, NSW Australia